Payments with the Near Field Communication

With this, it becomes a good choice for making secure transactions. This is to mean that you will be able to enjoy the use of the contactless credit card payments. This is something that works well when used with MasterCard as well as Visa.

The best thing about this is that both the companies are also members of the NFC Forum. This is to mean that this is a system of payment that has been accepted by both as secure. They have also been part of the pilot project in using the NFC enabled kind of phones to access and make the payments. The best thing about this is the kind of infrastructure in use since it uses the same platform as Visa’s payWave and MasterCard’s PayPass.

As well, through the inventions of two students from MIT, they have been able to come up with a method to have a replacement for the much loved loyalty cards. They have come up with a system that is called the Eclectyk that was a subject of the NFC forum competition in 2009. This would not store the information from the credit card but also be able to come up with the right kind of information for the customer loyalty that depends on the purchase.

The development of many more methods that relate with the digital wallet is to be able to provide the best when it comes to more offers. This is to mean that there is the possibility for the concept going as far as being able to be dealt with the people who use coupon offers. This is because there are already some tryouts that are being taken. This could be seen with the startup business, the MoLo Rewards who launched the Near Field Communication based coupons program. This is to serve San Diego and Toronto. With this, it is possible for consumers to download coupons where the phones are swiped at the point of purchase.

This kind of development came in a backdrop of few NFC enabled phones. This is to mean that the company has as well decided to provide the coupons with the radio-frequency identification abbreviated as RFID. This is through the provision of a tag that is placed on the phone. With this, it is possible for the retailers to have the benefit of being able to have a specific tracking of people who coupons are sent to.