Mobile Phone Marketing

This is a good way to have the kind of impact you need almost in an instant because your customer immediately receives it. This method provides a good marketing chance for you to go for since it is more efficient that using this method even more than email. This is because you will have the advantage of having more than 90 percent of the text messages opened. In addition, most of the recipients will respond to them within five minutes.

With the mobile method, you will be able to understand what real time marketing really means. This is because of the effectiveness of the messages. You need to know that when you go for the mobile coupons, you get close to having them redeemed by a rate of between 15 and 40 percent. When you make a comparison between this and other traditional print coupons, you will be able to realize that they are highly effective. Traditional print coupons have a redemption rate that is lower than 2 percent.

To go with this, you will realize that this is a method that is opt-in. This is to mean that it depends on the customer’s choice to choose to subscribe to the messages you send them. The advantage with this, upon their acceptance, the message will no longer be as intrusive like if you opted to go for a method that they have not subscribed for. With this, you will be sure that the customers have an expectance of the messages. You need to go for the mobile marketing, this is because especially for start-up food restaurants, they have a chance to have their offers seen and appreciated by their clients more.